Stan wojenny w Małopolsce. Pamięć pokolenia represjonowanych

  • Edyta Chrobaczyńska-Plucińska Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny w Krakowie


This article is an attempt to answer the question if it is legitimate to use the term “martial
law generation”. The researchers adopted the basic methodological assumptions of
understanding the concept of the martial law generation. It was concurred that the birth year
which, according to researchers, is the only objective indication of belonging to a particular
generation, should in principle, (present in most research papers) cover between 15 and
25 years of age. Researchers also indicated necessary factors that should occur beyond the
birth year. The author attempted to analyze the biographies of persons born between 1950-
1965, as well as available documents and reports of those who were repressed for political
reasons in the sense of deprivation of liberty in Lesser Poland during martial law. This article,
in essence, is to contribute to the wider studies, which could include the whole of Poland,
thus constituting an unequivocal argument for justification or overthrow the thesis that it is
reasonable to use the term of the generation of martial law.
Keywords: generation, martial law, Lesser Poland, biogram, repressed