Rosja wobec pozimnowojennego ładu międzynarodowego

  • Stanisław Bieleń Uniwersytet Warszawski


Russia is seen as a country which has taken an “aggressive turn” in its foreign policy, opting
for confrontation with the West. The essence of the problem, however, lies in the fact that it
was the United States who first revised its attitude towards the post-Cold War order. This
creates a web of mutual accusations and raises tensions in international relations. Russia,
due to its transcontinental specifics, attaches special importance to the real balance of power
in the international system. It carefully guards its possessions, insists on its sovereignty and
political independence, opposes violations of norms of international law and the diktat of the
strongest power, which puts it head to head with the U.S. in different parts of the globe. The
fiercest confrontations are now taking place in Syria and Ukraine.
Key words: Russia, “aggressive turn” in foreign policy, post-Cold War international order