Konstruktywizm a organiczność w polityce rozwoju lokalnego. Perspektywy dla rozwoju ekonomii społecznej

  • Renata Śliwa Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny im. KEN w Krakowie


The paper deals with the problem of the organic approach towards contemporary economic
problems. The nature of the problems calls for a more organic style of shaping policy and
running public administration. The success of the attempt is perceived in the potential of local economic policy. Social economics is presented as the area of many possibilities at local
Therefore, the main research question of the article deals with the preconditions for the social
economy in the area of Polish economy. It is stated that local economic policy has a lot to do
in this respect. Basing on the simple measures, the arguments are delivered to highlight the
validity of the social economy as the local-level amplifier of social and economic well-being.
Key words: organic approach to economic policy, local policy, social economy, development
of social economy in Poland