Biojurysprudencja jako odpowiedź na rozwój współczesnej medycyny

  • Edyta Sadowska


In the middle of 1990s, a new trend appeared in the Polish jurisprudence, namely biojurisprudence. In his scholarly works, Roman Tokarczyk defined the need for having a fresh look at the world dominated by technological progress and thus created the basis for a new branch of the codified law – biolaw. By drawing attention to the problems caused by biotechnological revolution whose eugenic extremities might lead to materialization of the Frankenstein myth, Tokarczyk expressed the need of giving up the traditional understanding of law and developing its new framework. In its perspective vision, biojurisprudence concentrates the views of ethicists, philosophers, theologians and even theoreticians of law thus becoming a branch of science that touches upon the most current needs.