Powtarzalność i zmiana typów argumentacji w debacie parlamentarnej Porównawcza analiza dyskursu nad ustawodawstwem dotyczącym uboju rytualnego z 1936 i 2013 roku

  • Magdalena Mikołajczyk


Ideologies are treated as systems of beliefs with a high, creative role. They reflect the deep social relations and intentions, they create political space, in which units and groups can function, they can decide on the institutional frames of politics. They also determine the political discourse in all its kinds, one of them being a parliament debate. The aim of the article is to present the model of ideology-political discourse relation proposed by Teun van Dijk and the method allowing for the analysis of the ideological contents of statements by MPs. This method has been used to analyze two debates on the ritual slaughter conducted in 1936 and 2013. Different variables influencing the situation then and now have been taken into consideration, e.g. political system, politics, economy, as well as variables connected to interests of different groups and their representatives.