Kukiz’15 – geneza, idee, próba klasyfikacji

Krzysztof Matuszek


The aim of this article is to raise a few issues related with the political group of Kukiz’15,
which is an unprecedented phenomenon on the Polish political scene after 1989. First of all,
the paper tried to present the genesis of the formation, including the factors that contributed
to its creation and development. Secondly, the analysis of ideological assumptions was made.
Thirdly, an attempt was made to classify the formation based on its characteristics. The
content analysis method was used to carry out this task, and the source base was made up
of press enunciations by nationwide opinion-forming magazines, such as “Rzeczpospolita”
and “Gazeta Wyborcza”, monographs and elaborations, as well as Internet sources. It should
be emphasized that this study was assumed to represent an introduction to the in-depth
research into the phenomenon that is undoubtedly this political group.
Keywords: Kukiz’15, Polish Political Scene, Political Formations

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