Kłopotliwe sąsiedztwo: strategia polskich elit politycznych wobec Ukrainy

Robert Kłaczyński


The publication Troubling Neighbourhood: political strategy of Polish political elites on
Ukraine (Kłopotliwe sąsiedztwo: polityczna strategia polskich elit politycznych wobec Ukrainy)
brings closer problems and challenges standing before Polish rulers, analysis institutions
creating the eastern dimension of foreign policy. In the light of the events that took place
in the Kiev Maidan at the turn of 2013/2014, the Ukraine issue gained significant weight
for Polish rulers, political parties, and centres of creating public opinion. The solution of the
Ukraine political and economic issues is a turning point for the power balance on the “Old
Continent”. The author of the article attempts to assess the growing dependence of the Polish
government policy towards Ukraine on the Russian factor. He also points out the resulting
problems with correctly defining the foreign policy agreeing with the Polish reason of state.
Too close connection, in the Author’s opinion, of the political vision of the Eastern Europe
future with the rivalry with the Russian federation on the influence over this region may
cause serious negative effects for our country.

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