Jerzy Borejsza – polski „czerwony Hearst”. Rola członków Związku Literatów Polskich w kształtowaniu postaw prosystemowych

Urszula Urban-Kurcewicz


Jerzy Borejsza played an important role, both as the founder of a huge publishing group Spółdzielnia Wydawnicza “Czytelnik” and a friend and confidant of the members of the Polish Writer’s Union, in rallying the support of those circles for the political as well as social and economic changes that were taking place after World War II. The article shows the role and place of Jerzy Borejsza and his publishing house in the structures that managed the cultural live of the People’s Poland. An important period of his biography was the time during the last years of Borejsza’s live when he was excluded from the governing structures and sidelined from the cultural circles.
The article is a result of research conducted in the archive of Spółdzielnia Wydawnicza “Czytelnik” in Warsaw (unsorted material), search in the reference books and an interview that was carried out in 2004 with a writer and literary critic Ryszard Matuszewski, the husband of a close co-worker of Borejsza – Irena Szymańska.

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